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Technical implementation of measures to advanced abstraction of micropollutants and germs in wastewater and stormwater treatment plants

Dr.Ing. Klaus Jedele

Dr.Ing. Jedele und Partner GmbH

Industriestraße 2

70565 Stuttgart

By combination of different technologies the retention and the abstraction of micropollutants and germs in wastewater and stormwater treatment plants should be improved. Jedele und Partner takes over the technical maintenance servicing and optimization of different plants in the administrative district Ravensburg (AZV Mariatal), in the municipality Merklingen and the towns Tettnang and Eriskirch (AV Unteres Schussental).

Based on the determined results and knowledge the improvement of the achievable abstraction will be balanced for the whole catchment area of the Schussen, assuming that the investigated measures would be realized. In addition will be established, which investment and operating costs for the realizing of the technical measures would be arise.

Subproject 1 - Downstream wastewater treatment adsorptive

The wastewater treatment plant Langwiese of the AZV Mariatal gets a plant beginning of 2013, in which powdered activated carbon can be added in the main flow after the biological treatment and before the contact filter. The effect of this treatment plant should be determined and optimized to get a high abstraction.

Subproject 2 - Downstream wastewater treatment oxidative and adsorptive

In the wastewater treatment plant Eriskirch of the AV Unteres Schussental ozone will be added in a partial flow. Together with the filtration afterwards the oxidative effect will be estimated. The filtered wastewater will be led over a fixed bed reactor filled with granulated activated carbon. With the combination of ozone and activated carbon the highest efficiencies can be achieved.

Subproject 3 - Addition of ozone before a slow sand filter

In the wastewater treatment plant Merklingen the oxidative effect of ozone will be determined in combination with an existing slow sand filter. This project is exemplary for small wastewater treatment plants.

Subproject 4 - Stormwater treatment with advanced retention of solids

The effect of stormwater overflow tanks depends on the separation and retention of solids. The efficiency of these tanks can be improved by installation of lamella separators. This treatment will be determined at the stormwater overflow tank Mariatal of the town Ravensburg.

Subproject 5 - Stormwater treatment with final purification in a retention soil filter

The efficiency of retention soil filters with regard to micropollutants and germs is mostly unknown. Relevant investigations will be realized at a retention soil filter of the town Tettnang.

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