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Retention, input and fate of fecal bacteria

Dr. Herbert Löffler

Landesanstalt für Umwelt, Messungen und Naturschutz Baden-Württemberg

Institut für Seenforschung

Argenweg 50/1

88085 Langenargen

+49 (0) 7543-304-0

Dr. Harald Hetzenauer

+49 (0) 7543-304-0

Dr. Hans Güde

+49 (0) 7543-304-0

Short description

The project provides case studies for efficiency controls of different new and enhanced technologies of water treatment with respect to retention of potentially pathogenic fecal bacteria. By thus including hygienic aspects, it contributes also to more holistic and comprehensive conceptions for the protection of waters.


Efficiency control of new technologies for enhanced sewage purification with respect to the retention of fecal bacteria and evaluation of the resulting effect for the natural water by additional consideration of alternative sources of bacterial contamination in the catchment.

Working focus

Efficiency control by comparison of retention of fecal bacteria before and after installation of enhanced technologies in sewage plants and rainwater treatment plants including soil filters (aspect of emission) as well as investigation of the occurrence of fecal bacteria in the river including sediments (aspect of immission)


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