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Water-ecology investigations

GÖL Starzach

Dr. Karl Wurm

Gewässerökologisches Labor

Tulpenstr. 4

72181 Starzach


The water-ecology laboratory of Dr. Karl Wurm monitors the macrozoobenthos (organisms such as small crustaceans, insects, snails/slugs and worms that live on the bed of rivers) in the River Schussen.

A recording is made twice a year in order to ascertain the seasonal aspect of colonisation as well as the effects of different run-off and weather conditions in spring and autumn. The area-related recording of the macrozoobenthos is carried out according to the multi-habitat sampling method (EU Water Framework Directive). In addition, adult insects caught during fishing (nets in river-bank vegetation and light traps) enable the determination and differentiation of "difficult species" and completion of the taxonomy list. Special attention is paid to the investigation of sediment inhabitants (worms, midge larvae) and the gammaridae (freshwater shrimps) in order to determine toxicity.  

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