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Downstream treatment of wastewater (adsorptive) / powdered charcoal prior to rapid sand filter and rainwater treatment with extended retention of solid fractions

Ralph-Michael Jung

AZV Mariatal / Stadt Ravensburg

Seestraße 36

88214 Ravensburg

0751 / 82-264

a) By the end of 2012 the sewage treatment plant Langwiese of the AZV Mariatal will have installed a special system for additional water treatment. Powdered activated carbon will then be added to the sewage after the biological filtering systems. For maximizing the removal of contaminants the efficiency of this installation will be investigated and enhanced.

b) The impact of overflow basins for the treatment of rainwater lies in the precipitation and retention of solid fractions. The efficiency of such basins can be increased by installation of lamella leading to a higher surface area for retention. Whether this affects the removal of microcontaminants and pathogens will be examined for the retention basin Mariatial of the city of Ravensburg.


a) The removal of microcontaminants by large-scale employment of activated carbon will be enhanced.

b) The impact of enhanced precipitation of solid fractions upon rainwater treatment on the reduction of microcontaminants will be investigated.

Key areas of activity

» sewage treatment plant Langwiese / AZV Mariatal

• adsorptive effect of activated carbon after biological treatment

» rainwater overflow basin (RÜB) Mariatal / City of Ravensburg

• enhanced retention of solid fractions upon rainwater treatment

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