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Environmental Biomarkers et Bioindicators

Dr. Magali RAULT, Associate Professor

Institut Mediterraneen de Biodiversite et d'Ecologie marine et continentale

Pole Agrosciences 301 rue Baruch de Spinoza

BP 21239, 84916 Avignon cedex 9


[+33] 4 90 84 22 04

“Environmental Biomarkers and Bioindicators”: The investigations conducted in our laboratory aimed to study effects of pollutants on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. In particular biochemical and behavioral biomarkers are used on different organisms in order (i) to assess impact of pesticides used under different management strategies in orchards, and (ii) to develop alternative methods such as potential biological control agents (spiders, earwigs).

The measurements of biochemical biomarkers currently used are B-esterases activities (acetylcholinesterases (target of most of the insecticides) and carboxylesterases) and enzymes involved in oxidative stress and detoxifying pathways (catalase, glutathione-S transferase).

In particular, B-esterases are analyzed in brains of chub (Döbel) (Leuciscus/Squalius cephalus) and Schneider (Alburnoides bipunctatus).


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